Thoughts About The BCBD Transformation Retreat

My last post talked about The BCBD Transformation Retreat. After coming back and reflecting on my experience, I had more to share that didn’t quite fit into the last post.

Beach: where some of our runs too place.

While away on the retreat, I remember I was surprised at how well we all got along and how friendly people were. I didn’t want to leave. I wanted to just find any reason to stay there forever. I daydreamed about how all we needed to do was pool our resources, find investors, and perhaps, create THE ULTIMATE LIFE TRANSFORMATION RETREAT. And somehow, we’d be able to just continue living as we were and make a living out of it… It sounds amazing in theory right? Yeah… Can you blame me though? Check out my snapshots.

Counter-clockwise from top left: My Pinada (non-alcoholic Pina Colada). A coconut cracked open. Next, these lovely palms lined the pathway from Tulum Resort to the Hacienda (The Market). Final shot is of my vision board/coaching binder.
Counter clockwise from top left: Tulum Resort where our workouts took place. Writing our intentions on the first night. Beautiful flower display in the lobby of Tulum. The swimming pool by our villas where yoga/meditation and lounging took place.
Counter-clockwise from top left: I loved these amazing big leafy green plants b/c they remind me of Swiss Chard (yes, I’m a dork). This lizard was so cute, I tried to snap a shot of it from the side, and when I did, it quickly turned it’s head. This picture of me by the pool in Tulum Resort. It was a lovely warm sunny day and one of my favourite photos. This Hibiscus flower was right outside of our boot camp room. Lovely!
Souvenirs Galore!

The end of the trip really sunk in when we parted ways at the airport and I got into a cab. That’s when I felt really sad. I felt like I had just broken up with 15 girls. We weren’t going to sit down to dinner tonight or get up early for yoga and meditation. I wasn’t going to see them as much anymore and without as much ease. It was going to take more effort and planning. This was a very unsettling feeling. I wasn’t use to missing people and feeling lonely as I’m usually quite content with being on my own.

Ladies on the move
Waiting for Coconut Water

The day after coming back to work, I was still in happy spirits but sad to be back. I was surprised when I walked into work and my co-workers said “I glowed and looked slim”. I thought to myself “really??”, remembering the visualization I had of myself glowing. A co-worker who didn’t know I had gone away walked by me and said “You look really happy, did something happen?” When another co-worker filled her in she said “Oh, vacation? yeah, that explains it!”

When a co-worker looked at the below photo. She asked “So did you have fun with your fitness team in Mexico?” I laughed because I wasn’t use to being associated with any kind of team because I don’t play sports. So I said, “No, we’re not a team, but I guess it feels like it”. It felt like we started off as individuals and came back as a team.

The Official BCBD Transformation Retreat Mantra: Sweat it out

We might’ve started our trip as classmates that regularly exercised together (some of us for a few years now) but when we went on this trip, it really gave us an opportunity to get to know one another. When you spend this much time together, you can’t help but get closer. It also made me realize how special this is.

Beyond building friendships, this trip was exactly what I needed.  I wanted a break from my routine, to slow down and enjoy my meals (I think I should get the slowest eater award… LOL!!), to narrow down a few key things I need to work on and to have fun exercising. Yes, all that in 7 days. 🙂

A friend was talking to me last week about what she thinks of me and my BCBD habit. She said something along the lines of ”Julie, some people go to the gym only to exercise and that’s it. You have a positive attitude about it and it sounds like what you have here is more than just exercise and it’s very special”. I agree. 🙂

Hydrating With Coconut Water

Eva has said in class many times that she hopes to empower us so that what we learn in class we can take with us outside of the classroom. And when I was on the trip, I saw in a different light (literally outside the confines of our class, and our regular routines) just how powerful a group is. We push ourselves harder. We encourage one another. We support one another. We share ourselves with one another. Sounds a lot like a family right? 🙂

My two favourite quotes from our BCBD Transformation Retreat. Eva always makes a point of reminding us of these in moments when we need to hear it the most – when the burn of holding a position, or repetition is driving us crazy.

BCBD Quote

One of my intentions for one of the days on the trip was “Feel the pain and let it pass”. Pain is inevitable. When you accept that it is temporary, it might make it easier for you to hold on when things get tough, knowing that things do get better. When it comes, acknowledge it and then let it go.  :)

BCBD Quote

When you want to give up, remember that you are often the only one that is stopping you from achieving your goal. The boundaries you are putting up aren’t real. Often, we give up right when things are starting to feel challenging. We don’t hold on long enough to reap the rewards that are around the corner.

I am working on keeping both of these in mind during challenging moments especially in BCBD class. As with most wisdom shared by Eva, these can be applied to other areas in your life too.

Have I completely won you over by my BCBD Transformation Retreat experience? 🙂  I am so excited for the next one!

Please let me know your thoughts in the comments.

4 thoughts on “Thoughts About The BCBD Transformation Retreat

  1. ”Julie, some people go to the gym only to exercise and that’s it. You have a positive attitude about it and it sounds like what you have here is more than just exercise and it’s very special”. I agree.” — This quote gave me chills.

    1. Thanks Eva! My friend’s comment made me feel pretty awesome too. She’s a great supporter of my interests and her words mean a lot to me. I can’t wait until she reads this!

  2. Oh my goodness!! I have tears in my eyes!! You are an amazing writer and I had no idea you took so many pictures there!! I miss all you girls too! There will undoubtedly be more fab retreats but I can say without a doubt that none will top this first one!! The pain was temporary but our memories will definitely last forever!

    1. Aww! That’s very kind of you to say Shelly. Yes, lots of pictures – I’m a shutterbug. Sometimes, it feels like maybe it didn’t happen because I’m back in my routine. But writing this post has given me the chance to re-live it again through the pictures and storytelling. I agree with you, the first time we do something is usually the most special. I have no doubt though that with Eva behind it, it will be a game changer for those lucky enough to attend. Love your quote “The pain was temporary but our memories will definitely last forever” and completely agree! Every time Eva said “This is the last time you will be doing this here” during our last workout, it made me feel both sad/happy. We had made such great strides in such short time.

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